Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Compact stairs for small home

The staircase is one of the interior details that immediately attract attention to themselves. However, they often take up too much space, which is a problem for smaller homes. See more multifunctional and compact ideas stairs not only save on space, but also play an important role in furnishing.
These versatile ladders leading to the top of this house, but at the same time serve as a library. Books are stacked on shelves behind the feet and sides, so access is quick and easy. The project saves space not so much by its compact size as a function of the shelf.

Compact and beautiful in design, this open staircase is attached to a wall at home and takes up little space. Disposition-box allows you to reach every part of the dwelling and the design of the stairs is woven into the overall design so that they become an organic part of the home.

This stairway serves as a bookcase, while leading to the upstairs of the house. Its open design is delicate "built" in the interior design so that its function as pillars remained almost unnoticed. The project is part of the structure of the house, so need not be consistent with architectural plans, as built-in stairs.

Spiral structure of this compact ladder gives access to upper floor outside the home. It takes very little space and includes a thin metal railing. The ladder goes to the upper level of the building in a specially designed opening.

Great solution for small apartments on two floors or stairs to the roof, the staircase takes up much less space. Its structure is slightly curved, which makes it more compact than standard makes stairs. Moreover, under the stairs can be placed part of the belongings inside.

Compact and easy to use, these metal stairs Ramp to replace the upper level of the home. Since the distance between the two levels is not as great as between floors in standard dwellings, the height of the stairs is enough. Equipped with metal railings on both sides, ladder has another advantage - it can in a subset of objects in the home as a small cabinet or a few folding chairs.

Semi-spiral, this ladder can be placed in one corner of the room where you will hold very little of its space (one square meter). The base of the staircase is angled rod around which twisted free-standing stairs. Handrails are not required because the lever and the wall will provide adequate support for upload. The staircase is made of steel and is painted in a palette of hues.

Although consisting of only three steps, these steps are enough to access the top level of the dwelling. Since the level is not the same height as the standard level, the height of the stairs is enough. The additional feature of the feet is as practical cabinet doors and drawers. The project is suitable for high access libraries or attics.

Practical and effective, this ladder away when not needed and re-deployed for use when needed. It saves space in your home with its flexible design, but even when used under it could fit part of the interior furniture - a low cabinet or extra stools for seating. Ladders used a simple mechanism through the hinges and pistons, which push the structure to the wall and back feet and deployed at 90 degrees. This project is the work of the designer Aaron Tang at this stage is only concept.

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