Sunday, July 24, 2011

Natural Furniture: Green Line Mazzali

The decor takes on more and more green, in keeping the need for all those consumers that require furniture for your home aesthetically attractive and sustainable for the environment.
Just respect for the environment is a must in the production of furniture Mazzali, a company with decades of experience, come to produce a collection of furniture from 100% natural: the Green Line.

The different pieces of furniture that make up this collection are painted exclusively with products that cut emissions of solvents up to 90%. The paints that are traditionally used, unlike those used by the company, releasing solvents into the air in your home even two years. Aim for this, on paints with low environmental impact and reduce the impact on the nature of the company, can offer more guarantees of health for its customers.

Last but not least, Mazzali is distinguished by the choice of materials used. The wood used in the production of furniture is, in fact, a reforestation program and from Italy, Europe, Canada and the United States. As many as 70% of the cabinets, and even 100% of the beds produced by the company, are Natural Furniture.

With Mazzali began a new era for the bedroom furniture made ​​in Italy, where design, environmental sustainability and respect for the person come together in perfect harmony.

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