Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chair and a bookcase, a case of dual-use to save space

Josip here have seen and various furniture for small spaces, furnishings that offer an alternative for those of us who live in places not too wide, but we need a certain amount of basic furniture.
I remember when I lived in a smaller apartment in the house where I live now, I've always had trouble putting my books due to lack of space to find a bookseller during the time you live there, all my books were in constant rotation , went from boxes of tables, desks and tables, sometimes I had them stacked on the floor. And is that what you do when there is simply no more room for something more? When you turn real around you and you realize that there is not enough or for you.
For these issues, the multidisciplinary study Fishbol Fishtnk +, uses space and designed with a purpose and aesthetics. Chair Bookseat easy to place, in addition to serving as a seat, is also a bookseller. Yes, a bookseller to order all these books have a place to live homeless.

In addition to being able to accept this order of the alphabet as I have always proposed, as it is very convenient to have your choice of favorite works available to a rotation or stretching of limbs is not very complicated. What happens if I am not sure that is how it can become comfortable sitting there for hours, because I feel that it is not very ergonomic say. In short, all that creativity can not solve.

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