Thursday, July 21, 2011

Modern design furniture for small spaces

Modern and Practical
And 'know that half of the total population lives in cities of the world, with all that that implies, for example, increased consumption of fast food-equals-obesity, increasing urban violence and, of course, the 'accelerated urbanization. This rapid growth increases the number of homes, but can reduce the square footage. That's why people see the need to make the most of available space, either by inventing systems containing 24 rooms in a modular, or using mobile devices such as transformers, one thing became another to solve more than a necessity at home, while saving space.

How many of you probably start to fight or already suffering from problems of land on this occasion, it is about six projects proposed modular furniture. With more than one use, these proposals will help us solve the problems of space, but without losing the style, so they are also an excellent choice for the home.
Of all the initiatives which we will discuss today, is the most interesting Matroska. With blocks of wood and the use of a few square meters, is able to transform an area of ​​a living room, one double bed. From personal experience, I think that would be ideal for students because of its simplicity and because I suppose that could be very cheap. As the name suggests, the concept is a mobile system that is nested together, as the famous Russian dolls. In its most compressed it takes up only four square feet, breaks in various combination that include a bed, wardrobe, drawers of clothing, a desk, bookcase, coffee table, sofa, table and chairs for twelve people.distribution throughout the world.

Ozzio This table is my favorite of the list, so simple that it seems to make a dining table for 6 people and is really nice. The Deco Console Table is a versatile table with an aluminum telescopic mechanism allows three possible extensions and three sizes to fit any space and any function. Frame in lacquered wood in white and black, while the details are elegantly decorated with Swarovski crystals to add a touch of luxury. The really nice feature of this extension table is that you only need a table to accommodate multi-use console, dining table and dining table, all in one, reducing clutter in the house and optimization features.

Remember the table that becomes a table that we presented some time ago? Well, this desk is a bit 'similar, only instead of becoming a desk, table, or in this case, the desk becomes a kind of shelf 15 inches deep. For its size, the desktop is ideal to review the payments and utility bills, home or play comfortably on your laptop. This "Roof" opens on a desktop, but also includes office equipment racks, slots for file folders and a cork board for notes. In addition to being a piece ideal for small families, can do wonders in hotel rooms.

During this short list we have seen tables that can be converted to large tables or shelves. Continuing this trend is Trick, a shelf that can be decomposed into a small table for two. Its concept is very simple, but for this, is a very attractive furniture. Unfortunately there is no information on the production and sale of the product, but how many of the things we've seen , it is very easy to replicate with some basic carpentry skills and creativity.

This chair is a solution to a common problem: throw a party at your house, do not know how, but suddenly you have more visitors than chairs. With the shop chair no problem, because in a modern and elegant thin piece, is a second chair. Modeled after the shop chair, the piece is carefully hides like a second skin, waiting to emerge when needed - Russian dolls, as we mentioned earlier. Best of all is that once separated the two chairs, the former can be used to store magazines or books. I can proudly say that the archive of the chair is a Mexican Zanic led project design. No information is available on its production, but soon I hope to see in furniture stores.

Complete a department in a Box
Although he has many years around the internet, I left the project Casulo off this list. The work of Marcel Krings and Sebastian Mühlhäuser, Casulo is nothing more than a small box that contains all the necessary furniture for a room or small apartment, a wardrobe, a height-adjustable bench, normal two banks, a bookstore shelves of 6 and a bed. Two people can lift, carry and fit in just 10 minutes, each piece carefully fitted into a box of only 80 to 120 cm. Since it requires no tools for assembly, the project is much more attractive. I remember that in those days had to go to college and I found a great alternative for students who live alone, far from their original homes and no money to spend on furniture. Above all, it is ideal for those who must move frequently. Of course, comfort is not an adjective that emphasizes early view of the mobile Casulo. A pity that the project was not supported, I'm sure you can easily find its niche.
Well, those were all projects to date, because the alternatives are likely to continue emerging to help solving the lack of space in our homes. As always, if you want to contribute something to this list a comment and take the opportunity to tell us what would have been his preferred alternative?

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