Thursday, July 21, 2011

9 more practical and innovative shower systems

The shower is no longer just a practical accessory for the bathroom - it is a way to relax your senses and enjoy the gentle caress of the water. Here are some practical, ecological and innovative ideas to this important accessory, designed to care for man and nature.
In this creative shower is built into its wall aquarium. It can be seen from the outside and inside the cabin, and sea creates mood. So while swimming, the owner can feel like swimming in the ocean, among colorful fish and sea plants. The sector creates a semi-transparent window to the bathroom, so the cabin is not completely isolated from the room.

Eco idea is recreated through this spectacular shower with an innovative system for water purification. The work of designer Jun Yasumoto, accessory purified and reused for bathing water, saving valuable resources. Conceptual shower system includes sector bathing surrounded by greenery, recreating a small river ecosystem. Plants purify air and water, filter bacteria and heavy metals. The shower gives the feeling of swimming among the lake.

This shower has a simple system that changed the colors flow through sensors that calculate the water temperature. Cold spray is a green tint, and when is red hot. There are also several additional tones - yellow, purple, pink and blue to indicate the boundary temperatures.

This shower is a real luxury for the body. It includes 18 chapters in various locations, with different functions. Strings are top and side, so do whole body massage. There's even a stream - a fountain that erupts from the ground like a geyser. The settings of the shower stall can be changed as water temperature, spray pressure and so on. The price of this product is quite salty - $ 100,000.

The modern design of the soul is shaped like an arch. Minimalist accessory is a new concept in interior design that saves water and energy. The combination of design and function include a system for recycling water used by eco environmental responsibility.

Folding shower is mounted on the bathroom wall system, which unfolds in two parts - on a channel and top shower head and curtain holder. The system is fully built, along with drains. It saves space in small rooms, as when not in use, accessory to the wall retracts in seconds.

This modern design such as functionality includes shower and bath. The base of the soul turns to be transformed from a bath in the shower with built-in wall system. Thus saving space in small bathrooms. Soft lines make it suitable accessory to accent any decor, modern or traditional.

The cabin is lined with heat-sensitive glass tiles that change shades depending on its temperature. In this way you can test the water before entering the shower. The setting is made by the owner to the desired temperature and a degree more or less may be shown by color. There are three different degrees of water temperature, each with a different color. The price, however, only one plate is $ 33.

This interesting shower consists of several tentacles with jets of water. They can be moved and adjusted to achieve maximum comfort in bathing. Flexible tentacles can be bent in any direction without worrying about damage.

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