Sunday, July 24, 2011

The round bed stuffed Infinity

Round modern Bed
When last year I started writing this blog devoted to furniture and interior design I have asked some "rule" aimed at the "goals": one of these self-imposed rules suggests as much as possible to avoid writing articles about to individual products at the bottom of our collections ... for this is already a catalog rather movable "broad and deep" (to use a definition purely business).

It was April 10, 2007, however, when, driven by the enormous success of Histoire d'O, I wrote a post on round beds that to be just after the debut of this blog, you have to admit it was rather "Web 2.0" talk quietly in also round beds "competitors" ... then it is obvious that with a little 'Business parochialism I healthy water to my mill, but the "information dissemination" was made, however ;-)

And 'now with great pleasure that "breaks" to regulate the above to introduce the Infinity upholstered round bed, a bed of Histoire d'O shares the exclusive (and patented) system of rotation exceeds the supply but in the eyes of those who love the upholstered beds.
Available upholstered in fabric, leather and imitation leather is perfectly coordinated solutions for mobile read-back of linear and angular.
Here is just an "appetizer" of what you too can do for your bedroom with Infinity.

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