Thursday, September 8, 2011

Shower with sauna built Maya

Sauna shower 120 x 170 cm

Shower with sauna built Maya OTTOFOND 120 cm X 170 provides the three functions:
- Sauna
- Hammam
- Hydrotherapy

The shower Maya high end is fitted with fans, radio and lighting in the ceiling LED. This shower sauna has a LCD touch screen control as well as funds and securit glass walls.

- Securit toughened glass 6mm
- 2 sliding doors tempered glass 6mm
- 6mm toughened glass back panel black-stained
- Single mechanical brass chrome finish
- Shower bar
- Height adjustable shower head
- 4 hydromassage jets
- Folding seat
- Fan
- FM radio
- Speakers
- Ceiling lighting LED
- Shower head built into the roof
- LCD touch screen control

- Maya shower 1 year warranty on parts
- Height 220 cm

- Power supply: 3KW rated power, 50Hz

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