Thursday, September 29, 2011

Materials on the kitchen counter - Pros and Cons III

 G: Glass table
 It is a material that is gaining ground in modern kitchen design. Can be installed either independently or on other surfaces like wood.

It is very durable material, especially in heat.
Cleans very easily as the windows of the house.

It is possible to break or crack if this happens should replace the entire piece of glass.
Because the stains seem easily need frequent cleaning.
Perhaps some work in the kitchen is not suitable material since as we said it is possible to break, especially if they are autonomous.

H: Bench ceramic tiles
 There are so many designs and colors of the ceramic tiles that you can find an appropriate plan that offers a distinctive style on the kitchen counter.

There are a wide variety of colors, designs and patterns.
Cleaned easily.

The joints to collect dirt and germs and is not cleaned very easily.
It is easy to break so be sure to have some stored in case.

I: Concrete Bench
 You can easily transform the way you want to shape, color and pattern to suit your space. It can either be built on site or somewhere else and brought with you about.

Resistant material to heat and abrasion.
It has great durability.
Several economic choice.

Some acidic liquids can damage the surface of the attention when these fluids are cleaned immediately.
You need regular glazed.

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