Thursday, September 29, 2011

Materials on the kitchen counter - Advantages and Disadvantages II

D: Artificial, solid materials 
 There are many artificial materials that mimic marble or granite. There are still some ingredients that give us an original aesthetic effect such as weight acrylic or Corian.

Marketed large variety colors projects.
It is very durable.
Is easily shaping schema.
It is not as porous than natural materials.

It is quite expensive, almost the same cost as that of natural stone.
Depending on the particular characteristics of each material, there is the possibility of discoloration where their exposure to heat.
Have greater sensitivity than natural stone.

Q: Bench by Quartz
 Constructed 93% of crushed quartz and the rest added color and resins.

Quite durable.
It is not porous.
A wide variety of colors.
No need for polishing.
Can be formatted easily.

Have almost the same cost as that of natural stone.
The appearance is very natural.

F: From Stainless Steel (Inox)
 Apart from the devices in which we often now used in manufacturing kitchen countertops.

It is hard and durable material, particularly at high temperatures.
Is stainless ie not rusting.
You do not need coats as varnish.

The scratches are easily visible.
Beneath the sheet metal substrate must have good and solid construction, so there is no case to create dents.
Materials for cleaning must be gentle so as not scratched.

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