Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A little history for the kitchen

The kitchen in its original form was a space to work inside or outside the house, almost a secluded area and a room for the servants. Over the years changed the form included with the rest of the house and now is a main room use. Many times the kitchen is the meeting point of a family when the space the food fits into this.
 The kitchen is located in the northeast or northwest side of the house and has direct relationship with the garden. We from the kitchen to have visual contact with the garden, the main entrance of the house, the balcony and space their children play.

For the housewife, the kitchen is a place to stay for a long time of day, perhaps the most hours of the day.
 To be functional a kitchen should give the necessary attention to layout is the most basic piece. There should be a good correlation between the hob sink and refrigerator, and routes between them is small for a smooth flow of any work. Cupboards and counters should be placed in such manner and to follow a proper order to save both time and space to work.

Furniture and proper design of the kitchen

The market will find a wide selection of fixtures for your kitchen. The next step is to choose colors and woods that you want to use.
 The design of good cooking is one of the most important points must be taken during the design of your home, so there are some design conditions and fast rule that scholars should take into account.
 Along with their accuracy and functionality of the kitchen meant that we should not ignore all the style and the style you want to give the decor of your kitchen to coexist harmoniously with the rest of the house.

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