Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Put your kitchen in summer mood

Cleaning the house and preparing for the summer is a process that helps you symmazepsete places you can fly it unnecessary blocking the winter, wash the curtains and generally help to illuminate the room with summer items.
 The kitchen is one of the areas to be cleaned completely. Here below some indicative work to be done in the kitchen to be ready to welcome summer.
Reorganize the stalls, you throw that no longer use and place neater and more functional items in your cupboards. The workplace should inspire you to create.
Clean your refrigerator. Drain, rinse with water and vinegar and reorganize the food depending on the cooling requirements of each food, throwing food and food residues that have been forgotten.
Arrange your cupboards. What foods have Discard expired. Wash your shelves and food anatopothetiste you. Store in refrigerator for summer foods such as flour, rice, pulses because the cupboards are likely to pick up floaters.
Reorganize also rack of spices. Throw out those who use time and buy fresh spices to your creations. Keep in mind that the ground powders and mixes catch worms. Sift them for sure is clean jars.
Place pots of fresh herbs in your kitchen window. Liven up your space and your food in minutes. Your choices many as basil, oregano, rosemary, sage, marjoram.
Change the way of cooking for the summer. Use the grill to gkriliera. It smells of summer. Prefer the simple menus and not complicated.

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