Sunday, September 11, 2011

The latest trend: a tub-shower

Shower or bath
 Shower or bath? No need to choose the hybrid models have become popular. Advantages of the tub-shower or bath cabin: optimization of space and accessibility ...

The tub-shower

Two in one. Bath or shower? No need to choose with this combination tub shower door completely sealed. Twinline, about € 5 000, Artweger.

Models tub showers have non-skid bottom fairly flat as a shower tray, a wider space at one end to a shower drain easily and not impeding the support of the feet. They are available in a shower on the right or left, which can adapt to all situations, and are compact: L 170 x P from 70 to 90 cm.
The alternative: the bath-cabin

Ready to install. Hydromassage cabin to ask directly to the bath. Which includes two adjustable jets 4 jets, a shower of rain high jet, 1 jet shower 2. If bathing, hinged doors fold completely. Conversion, about € 2 183, valentine.

Today the trend is one-piece structure. That is to say, a comfortable shower? usually completed hydromassage equipment? and a bath, even spa. The cabin includes sliding walls and then one or two wall panels incorporating valves, shower.

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