Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kitchen and Feng Shui II

According to Feng Shui, the kitchen is one of the major areas of the house. With some rules of Feng Shui you can enhance the influence of the kitchen to the welfare of residents.

Remember personal energy you emit while cooking absorbed from food and therefore the people who will eat this food. So to avoid cooking for other people when you're angry or sad because this will affect the quality of energy (chi) of food.

Fitting: The kitchen should not be seen from the entrance nor the living room. A modern solution to this problem because the fashion in the design of new homes and apartments wants uniform spaces, is there even a semi-transparent sliding door that separates the two areas. The kitchen should not be at the center of the house. The center of the house is similar to the center of our body that our stomach, if there are fires in the center of the house and burns it up in the stomach and affects its function. If your house is two storey avoid your bed to be just above the kitchen as it causes insomnia and combative mood after the fire always move upwards. Also the table should not be under the toilet upstairs as the water unlike the heat always moves downward. Keep ventilated and well lit kitchen area.

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