Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Recommendations for proper use of the refrigerator

 It is preferable to find a place pretty cool on cooling and not place them near heat sources such as microwave, dishwasher, radiator, etc. In fact, the cabinet is not well positioned even in a heated room.

 With each additional degree of temperature in the room where the appliance, its energy consumption increases by 3%.

The framing device causes an increase in energy consumption, especially when it intervenes too much space between the device and the walls of the frame. The compressor emits heat and should ensure good air circulation in order to achieve good cooling.

Food Storage
 Do not place hot foods in the refrigerator, allow to cool first at room temperature. It is one of the most important habits to master if you want to make a saving.

Internal temperature
The chamber of maintenance is designed to maintain fresh food is usually at an average temperature of 5 ° C. Often divided into special storage hypothalamus for specific types of food.

The ideal temperature for the freezer is usually -18 ° C. It is important to watch the temperature setting, if you do not want to consume unnecessary energy. Users often keep freezing or maintaining the device at too low temperatures resulting in more energy consumed.

 It is advisable not to hold open the door of your device for a long time. You regularly defrost your device: ice thickness 5 mm increases by 30% in energy consumption.

Check the condition of the rubber door of your device. If we want fast ice or if the empty space between the associations are large enough to pass a sheet of paper, then seal the door is no longer airtight and should be changed.

Confirm that air can circulate freely behind the device and dusting often the grid at the back of your refrigerator. If the grid covered by dust, significantly affecting the overall operation of the refrigerator.

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