Tuesday, September 27, 2011

For a functional kitchen

 With many or few square a kitchen can and should be as functional. So before proceeding with your choices there are some general rules that are then receive the necessary attention:
The electric cookers to be fitted so that the pot or pan in the sink drain easily.
The desktop is enough for food preparation. The main area is between the sink and stove
The sink is close to the plates, glasses, crockery and cooking utensils that are used frequently.
The dishwasher be near the sink.
Take every corner of the closet and do not leave any space unused. The more the merrier cupboards.
The storage areas with appropriate mechanisms to give a complete picture of functionality sought for your kitchen.
Choose quality and durable materials. It may cost more but the kitchen is a place that will not change in a few years.
If the kitchen is small, do not use fabric curtains because it will absorb odors and vapors.
Lighting is one of the main points that should receive special attention. For the kitchen is adequate lighting from lights or fluorescent lights package hidden under cabinets or on top of the bench. The kitchen counters and the sink should have their lights for better functionality. Better lighting is fluorine or iodine with bulbs that are hidden under the kitchen cabinets.

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