Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tips for choosing the right refrigerator

Most good choice in refrigerators in relation to energy efficiency is the selection of units with energy label A + and A + +. These devices consume up to 50% less energy than similar devices Class A.
 Regarding the volume of the refrigerator you choose, it is good to note some basic parameters.
The number of people likely to use the refrigerator. It has been estimated at about 100 liters per person and about 50 liters for each additional user.
The volume of fresh and frozen foods you buy.
How many meals you consume weekly at home.
The way you prepare meals, if for each day separately, if you are preparing for more days.
The rate of replacement of the device.
The air conditioning device class you wish to buy. We can operate in an optimal way according to the region where you reside and in accordance with section will place the refrigerator.
 The air conditioning heading to the range of ambient temperature recommended by manufacturer for the proper functioning of the devices. When the ambient temperature is higher or lower than the price proposed by the manufacturer, affecting the following:
If the temperature is too low they may stop working cooling mechanism.
If the temperature is greater than the target then the cooling device can operate continuously.

Generally, the higher the temperature at which the device is both more energy consumed. The air conditioning classes given in the technical characteristics of each refrigerator and inside.
 Types of devices for different uses
Refrigerator monoporto: is a device with a door. It consists of a refrigerator compartment for fresh produce and normally includes a fixed chamber for ice and storing frozen products (3 stars) with optional freezing food (4 stars).
Two door refrigerator: Is device with two doors and two chambers. One main area for the placement of fresh products either include a space for storing frozen products 3 star or 4 star freezer.
Refrigerator: Is device with two doors and two chambers. The freezer on the bottom and top space preservation of fresh produce. Some models have one or two mechanisms for cooling and thus allow the uniform or independent temperature control for 2 rooms.
Wardrobe: Is device with 2 large doors that include a refrigerator and a freezer. These devices mostly consume large amounts of energy.

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