Monday, September 26, 2011

Decorative accents in the bedroom

Wall decoration has always been the preferred method of decorating a bedroom and giving it more character and individuality of the interior. If traditional purpose have been used mostly paintings, especially landscapes and family photos in frames, it is nowadays a modern tendency to use a small collection of abstract art to decorate the walls in your home:
 The idea usually involves using a series of abstract paintings or pictures, whose colors repeat or enrich the color gamut of interior design. In the case apart from colors and wall decorations to fit straight lines of the design Beds kit. Look for composition as a whole, these paintings are usually of equal size and are placed in identical frames.
Principally as a look into such an idea can create many creative things that give a stylish look of the walls and actually creating them is not complicated, and the result is spectacular. This is how most ordinary textures on fabric or paper, framed, turned into objects of art, adding a stylish touch:

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