Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Your kitchen purple rates

The purple is the color of prosperity, imagination and eccentricity. It can turn your kitchen into a fun environment that will enhance your creativity. Since scientific studies have observed that the colors do not affect only the appearance of an area, and available for users of the site and live in it. The purple are the colors that reduce stress, stimulate imagination and inspire creativity.
 The provision kitchen island will notice that will satisfy many of the practical needs, creating additional work surfaces and additional storage space as the island may consist of cabinets. A nice idea is to create a place for quick meals in a part of the island, putting beautiful stool. Use purple lacquered cabinets combined with white countertop and stainless steel accessories. The result will amaze you. You can add a cluster of white cabinets among the rest and repeat the purple on their back, this time choosing a soft shade of lavender purple.
Choose a simple and minimalist table in white color and frame the art with colored chairs. Fill the whole idea of ​​your space with the appropriate utensils and crockery.

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