Thursday, September 8, 2011

A sauna and its benefits

The practice of sauna is a social and family tradition that has existed for over 2000 years in Scandinavia, but also and especially in Finland.

The advantages of a weekly practice of sauna are numerous. It is an excellent anti-stress and the succession of hot and cold baths strengthens the body.

The sauna is performed between 80 and 100 ° C.
At this temperature, the skin is heated to 10 ° C on the surface, while the internal temperature of the body from 37 ° to 38 ° C.
This rise in temperature produces a dilation of the veins, resulting in better circulation and a drop in blood pressure. The heavy sweating helps clean the skin deeply.

 A sauna and its benefits.

To enjoy it, it takes 1:00 to 1:30.
Before entering the cabin, it is nice to take a cold shower, to wash, rinse and dry. The sauna itself is bare but remember to take a towel to sit or lie down on it.
At first, the heat seems to be very stuffy, we even feel like breathing with difficulty.
To relax, it's good to lie on one of the benches at the bottom where the heat is lower.
Sweating is normal after 5 minutes. You'll find that you sweat.
The pores of your skin will lead ... Do not throw water on the stones right away.
Remove after 7-10 minutes maximum, then rest for ten minutes.
First take a cold shower and relax in a quiet and cool.
- Actions beneficial for the body and skin.
- Elimination of toxins.
- Decreased stress
The hammam is a steam bath drawing has origins in the Roman baths.
The temperature swings between 38 and 45 ° C.
The Hammam is a steam bath has its origins in the Roman baths.
Pores expand under the influence of heat, allowing a thorough cleaning.
It provides deep relaxation which will relax muscles, relieve aches and pains ligament.
The benefit in terms of recovery makes it advisable to train athletes.
A steam bath and its benefits.
Cross the threshold of a steam room you into a world apart.
Allow at least two hours for a facelift.
You enter a kind of fog, in fact, water vapor, you hear and feel all around you. You feel your body expand, pores, blood vessels ... Here, rest a while before you coat with black soap, which is used to degrease the skin before peeling. Rinse.
The first sensation of suffocation last, you will feel overwhelmed by a real well-being. Stay there for half an hour up and cool off in a bath of cold water or under a shower.

After this circuit two or three times, you will enjoy your new skin and your sense of relaxation and well being.

- Improves breathing.
- Decreased stress.
- Alleviate back pain and muscle.
- Honed and purifies the skin.


The hot tub is to take a bath in which water was heated to a temperature close to that of the human body in a bathtub with a circulation of water under pressure which causes bubbles mixing with the air.
This bath has the advantage of promoting blood circulation and detoxification of the body. The hot tub is also recommended for relaxation and in the case of people with cellulite.
Since then, the spa has continued to evolve and make new fans.
Whether in spas, spa and other fitness centers, hot tub is increasingly used for its beneficial effects on the body and skin.
A session of Whirlpool and its benefits.
Stay in the water about 20 minutes over the water is warm, unless the session is long.
Do not forget to take a shower before your bath.

- Promotes blood circulation.
- Decreased body aches.
- Easing muscle.
- Action drainage.

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