Monday, September 26, 2011

Simple and practical

Basically we are supporters of the more detailed designs for furniture, but we found something very simple, practical and particularly suitable for furnishing small area homes. It is remarkable how similar cabinet with rectangular sections can have different applications depending on whether it is placed horizontally or vertically, and when combined with small wheels at the bottom:
From convenient cabinet entrance hall to practical storage space for accessories for our bathroom wall or shelf in the living room, this cabinet design is so ordinary and yet so functional. Its main advantage is that everything is within reach and easily accessible, and that gives you the opportunity to arrange your belongings to suit your personal taste and style.
 It should be noted however, that for the stylish and beautiful pictures broadcast by a major role in question is not so very ordinary cabinet, but it is essential that the overall combination of different elements of interior design. The choice of soft, pastel colors, the contrast between white, dark wood floors and wall color, and especially the presence of wood paneling in the background makes the situation so simple, stylish and complete.

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