Thursday, September 8, 2011

Shower-Sauna-Hammam Balnéo VESTA HOME IN 3 WEEKS

Shower-Sauna-Hammam Balnéo vesta is specifically designed for full utilization, allowing you to enjoy the features of a traditional shower and pleasures of the spa, steam room and sauna to a report / quality unbeatable price.

The shower Balnéo Sauna-Hammam-Vesta will allow you to discover the pleasures of the spa in a comfortable and functional. It is ideal for build a wellness center in your home, you can enjoy the benefits of massage jets, steam room and sauna in a very compact space. Easy to install in any room with a food and a water outlet, it will give you pleasant moments of relaxation. Ideal for every member of the family. Take advantage of this offer, put the well-being in your home!

Spa facilities:
Mechanical mixer
Fixed shower head at the top with tropical rain feature and Scottish shower, delivered without supply hose
6 massage jets for a massage complete and accurate at the base
10 massage jets removable to allow you to massage every part of your body
An adjustable shower jets 5
A steam generator with automatic drain and a steam diffuser Jetsteam
1 seat comfort and strength (max weight load: 150 kgs)
A mirror, a storage shelf and towel rail.

Sauna equipment:
Canada's pine paneling 8mm
Access from the sliding door shower spa
Power Stove 2.8 kw
Pine bench of Canada
Accessories: bucket, ladle, lava stone, hourglass, protection of wood for the stove, thermostat and lighting.

Part of the shower Aluminium silver matt
Walls and doors tempered glass thickness 5 mm. Access from the front, by sliding doors to save space on the outside thanks to the recovery of doors on each other.
Radio and speaker included, to listen to relaxing music, can connect a CD player or MP3 player
A fan for ventilation
Lighting: Neon under the dome to a subdued atmosphere and intimate.
A control box inside and a remote control so you can pre-schedule your session.

Opening width: 60 cm
Dimensions: L180 x 120 x 220cm
Width / depth seat: 43 / 20 cm - weight 150 kgs max supported

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