Sunday, September 11, 2011

Round bath with rain shower

To feel like a fish in water in the April 1, here is a Jacuzzi bath design signed Kos. Geo 180 is nothing less than the ultimate of the tub. Just imagine: with a diameter of 1.80m, system hot tub and built-in dimmer light (optional) and a spectacular rain shower, this bathtub is a must. Choice it is possible to embed or place it on the floor. Besides, if those responsible for passing on the Kos blog decor, I'm ready to play the beta testers of the tub ... I provide the bubble bath!

Magic, the rain shower fixed to the ceiling above the tub around. Even stronger, the lighting system can change at will the color of the light to change the mood at will. Did you say paradise?

Geo 180. The must-round Jacuzzi tub as Kos.

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