Monday, September 26, 2011

Idea for small kitchen

 The small kitchen is a real challenge, because usually we want to furnish it so that it has everything you need while not flamboyant, but there is beauty and warmth. Here's a fresh idea for a kitchen that is located in a room with living room, but is visually separated from her large kitchen bar:
The choice of bright colors for the cabinets will visually expand the space to not feel like a small box. The kitchen bar apparently can be quite functional, involving themselves in the sink, large counter for preparing food, storage space, while it can be used for food or small snack. With respect to the upper cabinets, I would note only that if we seek maximum optimization could doors of some of them are solid. If you choose a wonderful cream color for your kitchen, you can combine it with a dark wood color to get a good contrast and intensity.

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