Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kitchen and Feng Shui II

Item of furniture: You should always avoid to wash dishes or cook with their backs to the entrance of the kitchen because it increases the likelihood of accidents where people suddenly appear behind you. So it is best to have a visual image of who enters and exits the kitchen.

The oven and stove should not be on the same line as the door, because the energy coming from the door go directly to the oven and do not move around the kitchen as it should. It should also not be too close to the main entrance because the heat they generate can burn and destroy any positive energy coming from the main entrance.

The mouth of the furnace of fire, ie the direction from which we open the oven door should face inside the house and not outwards.

It is generally believed that the oven and burners should not be located opposite or right next to the sink. That's because the oven is the element of fire and sink in the water element, which hurt in the fire. Also you should avoid the construction of toilet and water outlet at the back of the oven and burners. Generally it is best to avoid the vicissitudes of fire and water side by side. The dishwasher, refrigerator, sink, washing the clothes belong to the element of water, and microwave, the stove, the oven, the burners, belong to the element of fire.

A very common mistake that designers in modern kitchens, is to install the oven and eyes on the center island kitchen. This is not good and has a kitchen wall in the back and is not protected.

Above the oven and eyes should have no beam that causes stress. If you can not avoid this it is advisable to install a suspended ceiling to look at the ceiling of the room uniform. The bar above the oven is considered bad luck for the woman of the house.

Good design is also to avoid images of various bloodthirsty animals to look at the oven and eyes. Finally, around the stove and the eyes are not good to have arrows that caused the walls or corners of cabinets and furniture. If you are adding to the ease semicircles shelves in cabinets or walls, or some decorative items.

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