Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kitchen: Just a cooking area, or something more

The kitchen should be a place familiar, comfortable, aesthetically beautiful and functional as it is one of the rooms of the house which now spend many hours. So why not put the aesthetics of the kitchen into the background as it is proven that the correct choice of style, the combination of colors and materials inspire and create culinary delights but also turns an ordinary meal into a happy family hours
 If we feel that the kitchen makes you feel dull and need replacement, it's time to do it. All you need is to follow some important steps.

 1. Color plays an important role in space. Choose a bright color. Choosing a white or ivory color, do right space to show bigger, brighter and cleaner. If you like challenges pick a wall and paint it in a sweet orange, combining it with a curtain to match color for example in line with stripes striped cream and orange. Try to avoid too heavy curtains in the kitchen.
2. If you have a window, always open the curtains. If you do not want to see your neighbors, choose an airy curtain of net or gauze to allow the sunlight to penetrate. You do not want a dark or dull place indeed.
3. With your own personal style convert the kitchen into a quiet room for your own people. Select mats or tablecloth color matching towels which will hang in a prominent position. Place cushions on the kitchen chairs that match perfectly with the curtains. With these options in designs and fabrics you can change the atmosphere of the space from boring in romantic, classical or whimsical.

  4. Eat on the kitchen floor a mat instead of the usual dark carpet. And I will give a different and more modern style to your kitchen and are more resistant to dust and crumbs.

 5. Add green to your space. Hang a pot of greens, place in a corner of the bench an impressive synthesis of flowers, convert an old clay pot or metal pot. So you give vibrancy to the kitchen.

 6. If you have a large bench with unused space and purchased beautiful modern appliances like coffee maker, toaster, scales, bring out the. Put the ones you use most frequently, not all in an apparent sign of the bench.

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