Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Upgrading the terrace or your garden now!

Summer has arrived for good and summer meetings with relatives and friends on the terraces and gardens have already begun. Could the garden or the terrace you need a little freshening up, an upgrade? We give you some tips to help you.
 Let's start with the furniture. You can create an earthly paradise on the terrace and garden, with a comfortable sofa and chairs - depending on your space - which will complete with cushions in white or happy summer colors. You can also add extra large pillows on the floor, side auxiliary tables for evenings with cocktails and sushi. Your aim is to create a living without a roof! Caution should give material objects you use, and should all be strong and not worn by the sun or sudden rain. Such materials are bamboo, plastic, prexiglass.
 Lighting is the next step will play an important role in the overall style that you want to give your space. We suggest the classic glass lanterns mentioning island beautiful summer evenings, with fresh bulbs light that can match the light of full moon, or even candles scattered or clustered in space on the table. Also a very beautiful idea is to hang on the plants or trees in your tiny lanterns or lights that look like beautiful fireflies.
Last but not least important the plants. Besides, what a balcony or a garden without striking green plants play the leading role? We recommend a visit to a large nursery. It will give you many ideas about what kind of plants you want to decorate your home. We suggest yuccas that are resistant to the hot midday sun, cacti with minimum maintenance requirements, olives, reminiscent of Greece, and jasmine to withstand drought as long as you water it regularly and will be throwing at you a wonderful summer fragrance.

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